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I'm 22  Bangalore, India  Computer Science Major Minor Degree, Bachelor of Design Wildlife enthusiast, photographer and nature lover UI/UX Design, Graphic Design Interaction Design, Prototyping  Instructional Design Design Thinking, Design Strategy and Creative Thinking  Internet of Things   Usability Engineering

I'm a highly motivated, curious individual who wants to use Design and Technology to do good to the environment.


TOOLS and Skills

Adobe Photoshop
JustInMind Prototyper
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe XD
Video Production
Adobe Camera Raw
DSLRs and Photography
Web Design
Data Visualization
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Prototyping and Wireframing
Typography and Colors
Internet of Things
Design Thinking
My Work

the journey

Designing an Application


PESU Center for Information Security, Forensics and Cyber Resilience

Jan 2020 - July 2020

Built an online presence for the research center. Created the logo and branding material for the center. was an instructional designer for cybersecurity courses to make the courses student-friendly. Made videos to help  better the experience for students. Was also a teaching assistant for the Computer Network Security course.

IIT-GDC I-NCUBATE Cohort 6 Participant

Lead Entrepreneur

August 2019 - October 2019
Part of IIT Madras's Gopalkrishna-Deshpande Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's I-NCUBATE Program, Cohort 6. Working on Air Quality and Air Purification. Validating hypotheses through customer interviews. The process demonstrates how customer validation affects the Business Model Canvas. Following the Lean Startup Methodology.

Watch our video here 


User Experience Design Intern - Vantage Agora

June 2019 - July 2019

Designed prototypes and wireframes for 'OX-Zion 3' Business Operating System. Designed vector icons from scratch and created a custom font library. Designed creative marketing content and visuals for the company. 

Center for Information Security, Forensics and Cyber Resilience Student Researcher at PES University, Bangalore

Jan 2019 - Present
Successfully carried out an IoT-based automation project to control network interfaces using voice. Currently pursuing a research project to make the above architecture scalable and secure. Project link

Image by Rahul Chakraborty

Design and Creative Content Intern at Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE),

PES University

June 2018 - July 2018

Designed CIE's first Newsletter. Created official document templates, designed posters on entrepreneurship and innovation for the centre. Newsletter link

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - Runners Up

June 2018

A 7-day residential, intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp. Went through the process of starting up - team building, validation of ideas, creating a Business Model Canvas and pitching. Our business idea was to come up with a model to replace single-use plastic bottles with ones made of Poly-lactic Acid (PLA, made of corn starch). Adjudged runners-up for the pitch. Faced ups and downs during the program but came back with some great learnings.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

Won the first place in Data Science Hackathon, PES University

September 2017

This hackathon involved deriving insights from a large Google dataset and providing suitable visualisation for the data. Presented results in a simplified manner with appropriate tools to visualise the data.

Intern at LensOwl

June 2017

Created digital marketing content for social media. Assisted in photoshoots. A first time experience for me.

Blue Backdrop

Other Accomplishments

•  Design Head of PES University's Photography Club - Pixels from August 2018 to August 2019.

•  Won first place in Tumbhi Expressions Photography Contest 2016 in the Nature and Wildlife category

•  100% Attendance Award - Grade 12, Sri Kumaran Children's Home - CBSE

•  Secured Zonal Rank 1 in Karnataka and International Rank 7 in National Cyber Olympiad - 2015

•  Best Artist Award - Grade 10, Sri Kumaran Children's Home - CBSE

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